Our Approach

Our Process

Pentair Integrated Management System

The Pentair Integrated Management System (PIMS) is the foundation of our success at Pentair. PIMS provides the language and tools to ensure we are building sustainable performance across our entire global enterprise. We have spent years building our performance methodologies in Lean Enterprise, Talent Management and Growth, and we remain committed to improving our processes every day. It is this commitment to continuous improvement that is the hallmark of PIMS, our culture, and all that we do. 

Lean Enterprise

The primary goal of Lean Enterprise is to reduce waste and improve speed and efficiency across all of our business processes while focusing on the key metrics of safety, quality, delivery, cost and cash. Through Lean, we deliver value to our customers by driving performance improvement around the globe.

Talent Management

Our employees are at the heart of PIMS and help foster engagement and collaboration around the world, helping ensure a brighter future for Pentair. Our talent management process is designed to select, develop and retain the very best and brightest people in essential functions and industries throughout the company. Our structured approach ensures that we have the right resources in place to support our strategic initiatives and operating excellence.


Growth at Pentair is achieved through two essential processes that foster innovation and accelerate growth for the company. Our Rapid Growth Process provides the framework, tools and methodology to increase the speed of new product development, bringing solutions to our customers more quickly. Our 3D Process for Innovation works in concert with the Rapid Growth Process to bring new products to market through three key phases of Discover, Develop and Deploy.