Water is essential to life. But 46% of people don’t have water piped to their homes. At Pentair, we are driven every day to help treat and deliver potable water through pump systems and pipelines, from plants to storage facilities and homes.

Fire Remediation

Thousands of lives and billions of dollars are lost to fire annually. To help protect property and save lives, Pentair offers a full line of fire pumps and systems that ensure fire-protection systems that ensure fire-suppression media – whether water, water mist, or foam – is available when and where it is needed.

Water and Wastewater Treatment

The need to reuse and recycle water will only increase. At Pentair, we help convert all forms of wastewater into clean, potable water.

Flood Control

In the United States alone, flood insurance claims averaged nearly $4 billion per year in recent years. Pentair helps municipalities to control flooding through groundwater-monitoring systems and other solutions that protect habitats and property.


Approximately 97% of the Earth’s water is seawater, but a typical cubic foot contains more than two pounds of salt. Pentair’s desalination systems effectively remove salt and other impurities, creating potable water through high-pressure membrane feed pumps for reverse osmosis and other technologies.

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Advanced Filtration & Desalination

From pre-treat to post-treat, remove salt and other materials to produce usable water.

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Water Transmission

Water Supply & Disposal

Pentair's pumps and systems address HVAC, fire remediation, fluid management, and wastewater needs for commercial applications.

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Flood Water

Flood Water and Wastewater Systems

Remove impurities to create safe, clean water from groundwater, process water, seawater, and more.

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